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What Exactly Is an Animal Hospital?

An animal hospital is a medical facility which provides care to animals. Some treat various animals, while others will only specialize in one type. Hospitals for animals will have a trained veterinarian on staff. And offer numerous services, and although most only provide light care that can include immunizations and prescriptions, there are some which offer a full range of services, including surgery and physical therapy.

To inform the general public know that a hospital meets certain standards, accreditation can be obtained from veterinary organizations. Individual accreditation organizations do have their own set of rules and regulations, and policies can also vary from country to country. Standards could require a veterinary hospital house the proper medical equipment needed to diagnose health problems and staff members must record and maintain certain documents. Another accreditation criteria are employing a minimum of 1 licensed veterinarian.

Some animal hospitals will only specialize in either one or a small number of animals. Cat and dog hospitals are the most common due to the fact they are 2 of the most popular pets. Horse hospitals are common also, there are a few hospitals for farm animals; however, they are not as typical as it is inconvenient to move livestock. Some animal hospitals come with a mobile unit which acts as an ambulance that will transport the veterinarian to a location where urgent care is required.

An animal hospital can also offer emergency care, whereas some will not. Some facilities will permit individuals to bring their injured or sick animals in for immediate medical attention. Many animal hospitals usually operate on an appointment only basis, while others will accept walk-ins any time of the night or day.

Payment methods will also vary, some animal hospitals are very similar to community care clinics and offer either reduced prices, flexible payment plan, or free services. Others have strict payment policies that have no sliding scale fees or free services. If you would like to know more about our services and prices, please contact Faith Veterinary Clinic Services LLC at North Brunswick Township, NJ today at (732) 658-6777.